Living with HIV/AIDS

SCHAC logoIf you are living with HIV/AIDS, the Affordable Care Act is a major step forward in improving access to health care services. No one can ever be denied coverage or be offered limited coverage due to a pre-existing condition, thanks to the ACA.

But you may need to do even more research to determine which Marketplace plan is right for you. Many persons living with HIV/AIDS in South Carolina are eligible for additional financial assistance through SC DHEC’s AIDS Drug Assistance Plan (ADAP). Through ADAP, funding can be provided to cover the cost of premiums, co-pays, and other health care expenses.

Because of ADAP’s strict guidelines and payment procedures, it is important to understand the consequences of choosing one plan over another. Our signupSC partner, SC HIV/AIDS Council, in partnership with Harvard Law School’s Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation, prepared an analysis of 2017 QHP Marketplace plans in SC to help you determine which plan would most effectively work with SC DHEC’s ADAP funding.