Our signupSC plan

The Palmetto Project is a statewide 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 1984 by South Carolina’s business leaders, to create innovative public-private partnerships to address social and economic challenges facing our state and its communities. We have a 30-year track record of documented successes that have significantly transformed the public health and economic well-being of our citizens. As a subcontractor to one of the state’s 2013 navigator contractors (DECO Recovery Management) and, we established our credibility and reliability as an in-state, independent source of ACA information, outreach, and enrollment.

Our 2014 and subsequent awards as the statewide navigator grantee have sustained and expanded signupSC, a statewide consortium of recognized community and consumer organizations with a commitment to health insurance coverage for all South Carolinians. The consortium proposes to expand its current navigation infrastructure with increased emphasis on public awareness, education, and outreach, as well as in-person assistance for the uninsured.

Partners in signupSC have a shared history of program coordination and advocacy that will allowed for a quick start-up. Partners include all of the state’s largest Center for Independent Living, Able SC; the SC HIV/AIDS Council; the SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce; the 2013 statewide navigator grantee, DECO Recovery Management; and Richland Library. All of these organizations will provide enrollment assistance using certified navigators. SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center is an advocacy partner, continues to host and maintain signupSC.com, which is also available in Spanish!

signupSC will accomplish its goals through the deployment of the following four strategies:  (1) coordination of a statewide enrollment assistance network providing a physical presence in all 46 counties; (2) provision of education, information, and in-person assistance to any SC resident seeking access to the Health Insurance Marketplace; (3) outreach and education activities, that include targeting special populations; and (4) implementation of a systemic and sustainable approach to Marketplace navigation beyond the one-year grant period.

Critical to the success of these strategies will be a statewide scheduling center using Enroll America’s Get Covered Connector, through which all in-person, electronic, and telephonic navigation assistance can be coordinated to insure that local navigators with appropriate expertise are made available to those seeking assistance, including those with unique needs and special circumstances.